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Summer Flowering Bulbs

Isn’t it lovely to dream about a colourful summer garden during the cold winter months? Plan ahead and order now.
Summer Flowering Bulbs


Isn’t it lovely to dream about a colourful summer garden during the cold winter months? Plan ahead and order now!

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Wax Amaryllis

Wax Amaryllis
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Summer flowering bulbs now available
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Buying flower bulbs
The best quality flower bulbs and tubers online!

If you're interested in buying quality flower bulbs, Queen Flowerbulbs offers all known flower bulbs and tubers. Species like Tulips, Narcissus, Hyacinths/a>, Amaryllis, Dahlias, Lilies and many others can be bought safely and quickly. You can buy every type of flower bulb and tuber on the special bulb pages. We also have the Other summer flowering bulbs and Other spring flowering bulbs categories, where you can find bulbs that are not available from all online shops. If you have any questions about buying flower bulbs, do not hesitate to contact us.

Buying flower bulb collections

Queen Flowerbulbs has created Flower bulb collections especially for you. These collections are named after cities that hosted the Olympics, such as Barcelona, München, Rio de Janeiro, Parijs, Oslo, Vancouver and many others. Our flower bulb collections include classics like the Princess Irene tulip, Carnival de Nice tulip, Fritillaria Imperialis Lutea, Queen of Night tulip, Pink Pearl hyacinth as well as newer variants like the Ice Cream tulip, Irene Parrot tulip, Narcis Tahiti daffodil and many others. Each flower bulb collection is assembled with great care to offer you the finest floral experience. This means that in addition to buying individual flower bulbs, you can also order flower bulb collections

Buying flower bulbs from Queen Flowerbulbs

Queen Flowerbulbs buys large stocks of flower bulbs from the best growers. Because our products are seasonal we work with different shipping and ordering periods. Queen Flowerbulbs sends the bulbs at the most appropriate time so that you can plant them immediately on delivery. By buying your bulbs from Queen Flowerbulbs, you are assured that your flower bulbs come with a flowering guarantee.

Buying spring flowering and summer flowering bulbs

Flower bulbs can b divided broadly into Spring flower bulbs (such as: Tulips, Narcissus, Hyacinths) and Summer flowering bulbs (such as: Dahlias, Gladioli, Calla Lilies). In fact, the category name says it all. Spring flowering bulbs can be ordered from March to November and flower in the following spring. Summer flowering bulbs can be ordered from December to May, and these flower in the following summer. In addition to these two categories, Queen Flowerbulbs also offers Amaryllis bulbs which you can grow indoors. Our Amaryllis bulbs can be ordered from August to May and sent from September to May. In other words, no matter what your preference, buying bulbs from Queen Flowerbulbs is a natural choice.