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Buying hyacinths

At Queen Flowerbulbs, you buy only the best quality and size hyacinth bulbs. With hyacinths, the size of the bulb is important. If the bulb is too small it does not flower, but if the ball is too big the flower will be too heavy and fall over. We offer you the best-sized hyacinth bulbs to ensure you enjoy these fabulous flowers. Buying hyacinths from Queen Flowerbulbs guarantees you will have the most beautiful hyacinth flowers in spring.

Ordering hyacinth bulbs

Order your hyacinth bulbs between March and November and plant them in October/November/December before the first frost. The bulbs will flower in the following spring and spread a lovely fragrance through your garden.

History of the hyacinth

The name Hyacinthus is derived from Greek mythology. Hyacinthus, an athlete who was adored by Apollo, was killed in an accident during a discus throwing competition. From his blood is said to have grown a flower we know today as the hyacinth. The hyacinth is a bulbous plant of the asparagus family that originated in the eastern Mediterranean. Later, hyacinths were grown in France and then brought to the Netherlands. This was an ideal area for the cultivation of hyacinths. Over the years, more than 2,000 different varieties have been developed. Hyacinths are available in the colours white, blue, yellow, pink, red, purple and more recently a purple hue so dark that it looks black.

Queen Flowerbulbs is the main supplier of Keukenhof

Together with parent company Tuberbulb, Queen Flowerbulbs is the main supplier of Keukenhof. Every year, we deliver thousands of hyacinth bulbs to the famous flower park. These hyacinth bulbs are planted in our own garden at Keukenhof. Here you’ll find our flower shop, where you can order a wide variety of flower bulbs besides hyacinths. The Keukenhof is an important showcase for hyacinths grown in the Netherlands. It is an honour for us to be able to display our hyacinths in this stunning setting. The hyacinths we supply to the Keukenhof are of the same quality as those we deliver to you. Only the best hyacinths are planted here to exhibit our beautiful product. If you would like to admire our hyacinth collection in a different environment than your garden, why not visit Keukenhof in the spring?